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    The Last Golf Gift You’ll Ever Have to Buy Him

    You’re miffed. You’re cheesed. You’re ticked off and fuming. When you’ve had it with golf and your golf-obsessed husband, the last thing you want to do is buy him a golf gift. That’s like feeding the bear. That means you steer clear of buying him golf gifts. In fact, the last time you shopped for golf gifts, you swore it…

  • Reasons you should get your kids on the golf course
    Golf Orphans

    Why You Should Turn Your Golf Orphans into Golf Fans

    If you’re a golf widow with kids, then you probably feel like you’ve got some golf orphans on your hands. What you may not realize is that the sport your husband has chosen to obsess over is the best thing that could ever happen to your kids. I’ve narrowed down my top five reasons you should encourage your kids to…

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    How the Rules of Golf Apply to Marriage

    If you’re a man who golfs and can’t understand why your wife gives you grief about it, it may be because you’re not playing by the rules. It might help if you think of your relationship like a round of golf—after all, many of the same rules apply. 1. Honesty is everything. There’s an honor system in golf, and your…

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    When Husbands Obsess Over Their Hobbies

    The Golf Widow Club embraces more than wives with husbands who golf. It is a sisterhood of women whose husbands spend countless hours, unimaginable brainpower, and a surprising amount of energy on their hobbies, toys, and games. Now, there’s nothing wrong with unwinding a bit by playing a mindless video game or meeting the guys for a pick up game…

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    What Kind of Golf Widow Are You?

    A golf widow is a woman tethered to a man obsessed with golf, a man who is on the course more hours per day than in his home or office; a man who has, in essence, widowed his wife while living on the links. In their wake, these men leave behind swath of weepy women that fall into five categories.